The advantages of Suguang electric eraser

The advantages of Suguang electric eraser:Suguang all electric erasers are produced through a complete inspection, and the motor has super speed and super silence. The mating eraser core is especially custom-made by the factory, and the degree of hardness is over 90 degrees. The eraser’s core material is made by TPR100% environmental protection non-toxic imported materials, cost than other ordinary soft eraser core expensive than doubled, and the hardened eraser’s core has the following advantages:

  1. The custom-made imported material hardened eraser core doesn’t double swerve, thus the scratching is more accurate, saves the rubber, has a high degree of erasing, and has few scraps (show a stripe form)
  2. When the motor runs with a high speed, it will not be blocked up and not let users feel it is hard to run!
  3. The hardened eraser core is possible to carry on fine erasing.
  4. It saves the rubber, while the hardened eraser core is durable!
  5. Import quality electric motor, motor sound small ,when the rubber core rotates, the shaking is small. (The electric eraser uses the imported material motor, but the motor has a sound in rotation, and the sound is proportional to the horsepower. The running sound is below 65 dB, the sound is very small. However, everyone’s tolerance to the sound is different, if the friends require silent or demanding requirements, we apologize!)
  6. After the rubber is used up, users can replace for the core.
  7. It is convenient for use and carrying, and the exquisite body can be held in a pen container, a pencil case and so on.
  8. The product provides one year’s quality assurance except for the human factor and the normal loss.


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Author: Suguang Electric Eraser

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