The application method of electric eraser Suguang 1700

Everybody possibly has a little understanding of the electric eraser, someone have bought, and someone have used it for several years.

But some people possibly don’t know the correct application method of electric eraser, now we make the demonstration by taking Suguang’s four models of electric erasers as the example. Because these four models are the general models at present, some brands’ outward appearances are possibly different, but the application method is closely same, and can be used for reference.


Let’s see the application method of electric eraser Suguang 1700:

The steps of preparation before the use



  1. Install the rubber core into the rubber retaining clip, note that the rubber core should expose out within 10 millimeters.


  1. Install the rubber retaining clip into the eraser, and you only need to hold the rubber hardware clip with the hand and then pick it out if the rubber core has been used up and needs to be replaced. Please install the new rubber core according to the first step.


  1. Installs two AAA batteries into the battery bucket, note that the instruction of installing battery is in the inside for this model. The users mustn’t install the battery’s both positive and negative polarity in an opposite direction, and otherwise the motor will rotate in an opposite direction or not rotate.


  1. After pushing the battery’s back shell into the right position, the users can press the start button. Note that: in the case that the electric eraser is loaded with battery, do not press the start button by mistake when pick out or load the rubber core with the hand, because it will possibly cause the users’ finger to be injured.

Methods of use


  1. Please incline the eraser’s body into 80o along the paper surface while erasing. Please use the moderate erasing force, otherwise it will block up if use too much force.


  1. Erase along the paper surface with 90o by slipping the rubber core after milling the rubber core in the circle shape.

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