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Introduction of electric eraser

Introduction of electric eraser: Controlled intelligently, has a remarkable effect in the sketch boost light and the erasing of the wrong character. Specification: φ27*125mm Net weight: 0.05kg Eraser size: φ5*5mm-φ5*25mm   Introduction of electric eraser: The electric eraser is a tool that can rapidly erase wrong character and sketch boost light. The manual eraser has […]

The Effect of electric eraser refills Hardness on Creation

Soft rubber will turn when the large, wipe when the electric eraser refills will bend, will lead to wiping is not accurate, there is the key point is soft electric eraser refills will increase the wiping power, easily lead to motor stall. The eraser core’s material is made up by the high-quality 100% environmental protection […]

Like a Pen Electric Eraser Suguang 1230

  Brand: Suguang (Logo can be customized) Name: electric eraser Model: 1230 Advantages: Horsepower is well situated, no metal parts , safe. Artists can do fine erasing, while the sketching examinees and the students from each grade are applicable. Transparent style, size is small, like a pen, excellent experience of holding, the appearance craft is […]

What kind of battery does the electric eraser use?

When buying the electric eraser, many people would ask “what kind of battery does the electric eraser use”? At present, the general electric eraser in the market uses 2 AAA batteries, namely the battery that is used for television remote control. The minority of brands would use AA batteries, but AA batteries would enlarge eraser’s […]

Is the electric eraser easy to use?

Many people would ask: “Is the electric eraser easy to use?” Some people said yes, while some other people said no, and they have their own reasons. We are the Suguang electric eraser’s manufacturer. Through these years’ production experience and the understanding of users, we want to share with everybody about the conditions for the […]

Electric eraser sketch of Magical

In recent years, electric eraser in Sketch application is very extensive, can be said that the main purpose electric eraser, because in wiping sketch of fine details such as hair and eyebrows creation, a lot of high-efficiency electric eraser, since the rubber core is round small, you can wipe very precise details. The electric eraser […]

Plastic mold mold development in line with the technical requirements

Plastic molding parts: 1. Plastic mold parting surface remains flat, no dents, rust, no portable grinding wheel to avoid empty, sealed plastic part no dents, nicks. 2. plastic mold fixed mold and movable mold rib bits, cylindrical surface, no fire patterns, marks, polishing place. 3. plastic mold for insertion site without thin blade structure, the […]

Basics Daquan plastic mold

Our daily production, life used to a variety of tools and products to a large base of the machine, the body shell, a small embryo head screws, buttons and a variety of household appliances shell, all have a close relationship with the mold. Shape of the mold determines the shape of these products, the quality […]

How intellectual awakening plastic products shape the future?

Star Wars, the Force is an invisible, intangible supernatural god, it’s everywhere, it exudes a powerful capability. In fact, in real life, there are also always accompany this invisible strength. Insight into the plastic products from design to a series of invisible law forming behind quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks and manufacturing risks, comprehensive, accurate […]

The common faults and solution for the electric eraser

The following is the common faults and solution for the electric eraser, which is the experience of producing the suguang electric eraser for these years that we summarize. If there is any deficiency, welcome you to supplement.   Why not run after install the battery? Please check whether the battery is installed in a reversed […]