The application method of electric eraser suguang 1300

Everybody possibly has a little understanding of the electric eraser, someone have bought, and someone have used it for several years. But some people possibly don’t know the correct application method of electric eraser, now we make the demonstration by taking Suguang’s four models of electric erasers as the example. Because these four models are […]

Caution notes for electric eraser!

Does a small electric eraser have the caution notes? The answer is “sure”. If you don’t use it correctly, it not only can’t bring a good user experience to you, but also has the possibility to bring the injury. As the most specialized electric eraser producer, Suguang electric eraser summarizes the below caution notes, now […]

The role of electric eraser

The role of electric eraser: Controlled intelligently, has a remarkable effect in the sketch boost light and the erasing of the wrong character. Mainly applies to: students rub typo, sketch candidates, animation designers, architects, fashion designers, artists. The electric eraser is a tool that can rapidly erase wrong character and sketch boost light. The manual […]

comparison of various models of electric erasers

The following is the comparison of various models of Suguang electric erasers. We are only dedicated to users’ experience Model Rotating speed Degree of erasing Noise/dB Advantages Disadvantages Users’ degree of experience Remark 1800 9000 High 60 It has strong horsepower and classic style; it is essential to the artists and sketching examinees who have […]

The advantages of Suguang electric eraser

The advantages of Suguang electric eraser:Suguang all electric erasers are produced through a complete inspection, and the motor has super speed and super silence. The mating eraser core is especially custom-made by the factory, and the degree of hardness is over 90 degrees. The eraser’s core material is made by TPR100% environmental protection non-toxic imported […]

Electric eraser history

Electric eraser history: The electric eraser was invented in 1932 by Arthur Dremel of Racine, Wisconsin, USA. It used a replaceable cylinder of eraser material held by a chuck driven on the axis of a motor. The speed of rotation allowed less pressure to be used, which minimized paper damage. Originally standard pencil-eraser rubber was […]