Caution notes for electric eraser!

Does a small electric eraser have the caution notes? The answer is “sure”. If you don’t use it correctly, it not only can’t bring a good user experience to you, but also has the possibility to bring the injury. As the most specialized electric eraser producer, Suguang electric eraser summarizes the below caution notes, now we share some most basic caution notes to everybody:

1. Do not install the battery in an opposite direction. It will rotate in an opposite direction or not rotate if install the battery in an opposite direction, and it would affect the user experience.
2. Note that: in the case that the electric eraser is loaded with battery, do not press the start button by mistake when pick out or load the rubber core with the hand, because it will possibly cause the finger to be injured.
3. Please do not use this product for other purposes. 4. Please lay it aside in the place where the children can’t touch, and do not suggest the child under the age of three to use this product. 5. Please do not intensely hit this product. 6. If not use for long time, please remove the battery. 7. If the battery’s voltage drops, the rubber’s erasing force would be also reduced. 8. The force will be the largest when the product body inclines 80 degrees along the paper plane. 9. Please use the moderate erasing force, and test it by slipping back and forth, otherwise it will block up.

Thanks for your reading! Good luck!


Author: Suguang Electric Eraser
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