The Effect of electric eraser refills Hardness on Creation

Soft rubber will turn when the large, wipe when the electric eraser refills will bend, will lead to wiping is not accurate, there is the key point is soft electric eraser refills will increase the wiping power, easily lead to motor stall.

The eraser core’s material is made up by the high-quality 100% environmental protection non-toxic materials, and has the advantages, such as high degree of erasing, rubber saving, few scraps (show a stripe form)

The rubber core must be hardened, because the electric eraser should slope 80 degree while using the electric eraser. The soft eraser core will bend against the stress, so it will cause double swerve, inaccurate erasing. The friction force will be increased after the soft eraser core gets stressed, and becomes easy to stop in running. The hardened electric eraser will not double swerve, and while the erasing will be more accurate. The hardened electric eraser can do accurate erasing, will not distort against stress, and the friction force is very small, so it is not easy to stop in running.


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Author: Suguang Electric Eraser
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