Electric eraser history

Electric eraser history: The electric eraser was invented in 1932 by Arthur Dremel of Racine, Wisconsin, USA. It used a replaceable cylinder of eraser material held by a chuck driven on the axis of a motor. The speed of rotation allowed less pressure to be used, which minimized paper damage. Originally standard pencil-eraser rubber was used, later replaced by higher-performance vinyl.
Evolved over the years, and now the development of electric eraser history to a small body with a battery-powered, small and convenient. Variety of colors, variety of styles, personality development of many varieties. Rubber core also use environmentally-friendly materials production, rubber core after use , for the core can also be easily replaced.
With the development of science and technology, this progress will continue for now has also emerged, electric eraser with the charging function.
Electric eraser future development of how to do?
Everything only over time, slowly to find the answer.


Author: Suguang Electric Eraser

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