Electric eraser sketch of Magical

In recent years, electric eraser in Sketch application is very extensive, can be said that the main purpose electric eraser, because in wiping sketch of fine details such as hair and eyebrows creation, a lot of high-efficiency electric eraser, since the rubber core is round small, you can wipe very precise details.

The electric eraser is a tool that can rapidly erase wrong character and sketch boost light. The manual eraser has the disadvantages that are widely circulated, such as: not high accuracy or not high speed in the erasing of the wrong character and painting, easily dirtying and damaging the paper.

It has many characteristics, such as: accuracy, fast, clean, not damage the paper. It can be used to erase the wrong character and painting with various lead pencil and charcoal pencil handwritings as well as the sketch boost light and the fine creations of hair, eyebrow and other details in the sketch details.

It can easily erase the unnecessary lines and characters without damaging the surrounding lines and characters. It has the soft touching button, handle easily. It is environmental protection and clean, use conveniently.

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Author: Suguang Electric Eraser
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