The harm of electric eraser

We are Suguang electric eraser’s manufacturer, some people always ask “Is the electric eraser harmful to people”? Some people said yes, while some people said no. Through these years’ production experience and the understanding of users, we want to share with everybody whether the electric eraser is harmful, and welcome everybody points out the points if there is any mistake and insufficient analysis, we would feel appreciated!


  1. Radiation, the electric eraser must be installed with the direct-current micro motor, so the thing with electrify would have the radiation, and the motor’s exciting winding would have certain magnetic field, but doesn’t have the influence on the human health, and the mobile phone, computer, router and microwave oven also have the radiation. The sun also has the radiation, so can you be far away from it? Moreover, the electric eraser does not have the radiation as the mobile phone that approaches the brain, so it would not be harmful to human’s body.

The thing that everyone worries the most possibly is the radiation, the fact is: the motor that the electric eraser uses is the same with the electric products that we use in life. The popular 180 dc micro-motor are widely used in the electric toothbrush, the electric shaver, electric drier and so on. 130 dc micro motors are widely used in the electrical toy, electric pencil sharpener and so on that the children use in life. These motors have been applied at least over 20 years in the life. We think they are safe.

Now people are living under the radiation of various electric appliances and various electromagnetic waves, but the majority has no effect on human, so people don’t need to be worried.

  1. Some children will possibly treat the electric eraser as the toy, because the children are playful by birth, and are interested in the new thing, so they would possibly disassemble it after playing for several days, throw away the fittings, and finally fail to use, so it wastes parents’ money. We don’t regard it as the harm of electric eraser!


Thanks for your reading! Good luck!


Author: Suguang Electric Eraser
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