What kind of battery does the electric eraser use?

When buying the electric eraser, many people would ask “what kind of battery does the electric eraser use”?

At present, the general electric eraser in the market uses 2 AAA batteries, namely the battery that is used for television remote control.
The minority of brands would use AA batteries, but AA batteries would enlarge eraser’s body, and affect the users’ experience of holding, so we don’t recommend using the electric eraser with AA batteries.
We can use the rechargeable battery, because it can make environmental protection and save the energy, but the users have to purchase the special rechargeable battery and battery charger.
We want fast time in the future it would not have batteries. At present, the market has the rechargeable electric eraser, but the price is too high, and not accepted by the masses. As the cost drops, the rechargeable electric eraser will slowly occupy the market.

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Author: Suguang Electric Eraser
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