Plastic mold mold development in line with the technical requirements

Plastic molding parts:
1. Plastic mold parting surface remains flat, no dents, rust, no portable grinding wheel to avoid empty, sealed plastic part no dents, nicks.
2. plastic mold fixed mold and movable mold rib bits, cylindrical surface, no fire patterns, marks, polishing place.
3. plastic mold for insertion site without thin blade structure, the angle is greater than 2 degrees, with no black marks, burrs and other defects.
4. Plastic mold cavity number of a molded article, the case of symmetrical parts, must be marked L or R, such as customer location and sizes requests are subject to customer requirements, such as no special requirements, it should not affect the appearance and assembly plus places (such as font size is “1/8”).
5. The plastic molds for the same, similar, installation is easy to distinguish the marked parts mixed.
6. Large and medium-sized mold according to design requirements in the die face increased pressure equalization block, and nitriding treatment.
7. Non-product side of the movable die or the stationary die fixed mold insert movable mold insert, made of bevel locking or avoid empty.
8. The plastic mold, mold and forming part of the mold material in line with the development of technical requirements.
9. The plastic mold products side engraved characters customer requirements.

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